This is the period between your last life and this one life. What happens there during this period. A regression in between life can produce profound and permanent changes in our lives. This journey into the afterlife is an opportunity to access the subconscious and super-consciousness, and through this to understand why we came to earth. During the session, you are put into a state of deep hypnosis and you roll in your last past life. While you are in a deep trance, however, you stay alert and aware of your experience. Once in your life you relive your previous death without pain or discomfort, then you go to the other side. You will meet your personal guide and the Council of Elders with whom you talk about your past lives and your spiritual progress.

This deep experience brings a better understanding and awareness of self, your identity and your soul’s purpose. You gain power over your life and a new vision and a greater sense of direction in your life.

This process takes time, up to 3 hours and sometimes more. You will need time to absorb the experience. Planning to come when you can take time for you after the session.

The session will be recorded and you will receive a CD of the session a few days later.

This is a profound and unforgettable experience.

People who have been in hypnosis, go back more easily and deeply. Consequently, it is necessary to have lived a past life regression beforehand.