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Our greatest misconception is that is take years to find wisdomSydney Banks


I’m Martine

Often your peace of mind is hijacked by situations, events, fears, insecurity, and lots of anxious thinking.  You probably tried everything to fix this or even tried to fix yourself !.  I help my clients to see behind those self-limiting beliefs and to connect with the infinite potential that lies within each and everyone of us.  Isn’t time to live  with ease and peace? To be all you can be? what does it look like? 

Let’s explore together


What I Do


To unlock your potential by supporting you achieve peace of mind.  It empowers you.  What does it look like? It is like a dialogue with an unbiased partner that pushes you to explore, challenges you, supports you, help you reflect, encourage insights, self-discovery and take action.  

Hypnosis and other therapy

5-PATH® Hypnotherapy (Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis) is a powerful approach aimed at getting to the origin of the problem. This system provides a release of the emotional trigger regarding the problem/issue and a complete release of the past. You can expect a permanent change.

Why the etc?  I’m also trained in NLP, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Eye Mouvement Integration Therapy, Past life regression, Life-between Life regression, Virtual Gastric Band, different form of self-hypnosis, different modalities of Energy Therapy (Reiki, I.E.T., CCMBA) andmany more.

All sessions are individualized, so I take the best techniques that fits your needs.



2 new e-courses are in development at the moment.

The first is the anti-stress toolbox.  As the name implies, it is about different tricks and techniques to regain control over your life.  You can do this course at your own pace.

The An Lightened Mind is a 6 weeks course with 3 videos per week and some live Q & A  through Zoom.  Each week will have a different theme.  It is a closed group format.


"Dear Martine, I especially want to thank you. Hypnosis I did with you helped me re-focus my life and focuser to a more balanced and stable future. I feel my self-esteem back up and give me the strength to carry my projects with confidence and determination. Hypnosis has also allowed me to leave my fears behind and even my sentences. Thank you.."


"Martine Since I do hypnosis with you, I feel much less stressed. I took a lot of trust in me and you taught me how to make a good home in my life. If we look back, when I started seeing you, I was on the brink. I saw black, I wanted to give up and I felt back to depression. I had suicidal thoughts and with your help, I take interest in life, I can express myself better and to deal with my problems getting my messages to my surroundings and to communicate always shock me. I see my husband in a very different way, as it really is “the man of my life.” Thank you very much."


"Martine The hypnosis program I entrepis with Martine, help me find my healthy weight and helped me rediscover the joy of life and self-confidence. My level of stress and anxiety have decreased significantly. This program promotes listening ett self healing our emotional wounds. Have known, I would have done before."



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