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I was born in Laval, Canada. During my teens, I joined the Air Cadet movement, and that’s when I first discovered my love of leadership, public speaking, teaching, and flying. 

While at university, I joined the Canadian Armed Forces, then, after graduation, I moved first to Halifax, then to Kingston. As well as my work as a dietician, I volunteered, and began  sailing.

In 1990 I got married, then followed my husband to the Netherlands. While there, and greatly enjoying European life, I worked in translation, liaison and volunteering with military families..

We returned to Canada, to Victoria, BC. I worked at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, sailed and continued with lots of volunteer work. I was a Doula and became chair of the board of the Military Family Resource Centre

After moving to Ottawa, I continued with volunteering, as a breastfeeding coach, a help line and with schools,  and in various capacities.

I decided to further my education; I did a Certificate in Social Work then a Masters in Social Work, after which I went to work for the Department of National Defence in the Organizational Development section.

Then I realized I prefer to help people with their personal lives. I grew intrigued with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis and began my journey towards certification in different modalities to better empower my clients.

 In the last few years, I became interested in a modality known as the Three Principles, which is effectively an operation manual for human beings. I did my coaching certification through Clarity Academy with coach, writer and speaker Jamie Smart.

More recently, I volunteer with a 24/7 Zoom support room “Quiet Mind, Beautiful Feeling.” I am the mother of two grown sons. I enjoy walking, training and learning, reading, adventure and travelling. I still live in the Ottawa region, and have no plans to retire.




(Clarity Coach (3 Principles)

5 Path hypnosis

Master in N.L.P.

Eye mouvement Integration Therapy


Matrix Reimprinting

PSYCH K (advanced practioner)

Past life Regression

Life between Life Regression

Energy Therapy (Reiki Master, IET level 3, CCMBA)

Teacher of self-hypnosis 7 Path, classic self-hypnosis and for painless childbirth,

BSc (Health), did a master in Social Work

did a bunch of training for pain management, Virtual Gastric Band, stress management, etc, etc, etc.

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