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Martine Brisson is a clarity coach, hypnotherapist, and teacher. Her extensive career has led her to work with groups and individuals in various domains. For over 15 years, Martine has been dedicated to serving others through her vocation, volunteer work, and classes. She works with clients to help them see behind any self-limiting beliefs and to connect to the potential that resides within each individual. Most of all, she brings her good nature, experience, training and continued education to every aspect of her work, always focusing on bringing the best out of each person.

Martine has been passionate about helping others throughout her adult life. As such, she has taken a hands-on approach to facilitate a plan and empower people who are overwhelmed, stressed or have fears, to free themselves of their limiting thinking, in order to embrace a life free of the past and of future expectations in order to find peace and have better relationships.

As a teenager, Martine joined the Air Cadet movement, where she thrived in leadership, public speaking, teaching and flying. While in university, Martine joined the Canadian Armed Forces in the ROTP program. Upon graduation she moved to Halifax where she began her career as a dietitian for the military hospital, which was in line with her education in Health Sciences, and more specifically Nutrition. She also began sailing.

Martine has travelled and worked extensively throughout Canada and the Netherlands. In each place she lived, she continued her work in tandem with her wide-ranging volunteerism. During the beginning of her career, she volunteered in several capacities such as: doula, breastfeeding coach, and offering support at a help line. In Canada, she was on the board of Naissance-Renaissance Outaouais, on the consultative board of Maisons des naissances, and a member of Conseils d’établissement of the school, school board and regional board. She also volunteered with Tel-Aide, a help line for Francophones in the Ottawa-Outaouais region. In the Netherlands, her work involved translating a bulletin for Canadian families working in a NATO environment. She learned Dutch and became a liaison between families and their Dutch property owners. Once again, she continued her volunteer work with the Military Family Resource Centre that was starting in Geilenkirchen, Germany.

Martine’s continued studies and comprehensive volunteer work has widened the scope of her experiences and created special connections with many different people in various stages of their life.  Following her Bachelor of Science degree, Martine continued her studies earning a certificate in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Social Work, and went on to work for Department of National Defence in the Organizational Development sector. While she enjoyed team work, Martine gravitated toward collaborating with individuals to help them in their personal lives. She learned more about NLP and hypnosis, studied and became certified in different modalities to better empower her clients. Martine’s training and qualifications include: Integration Hypnosis, NLP master, Eye Movement Therapy, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, PSYCH K (advanced practitioner). She has also studied 5 Path Hypnosis, Past life Regression, Life between Life Regression, Energy Therapy (Reiki Master, IET level 3, CCMBA), and has taught self-hypnosis 7 Path, a classic self-hypnosis for painless childbirth.


Most recently, Martine expanded her education to include the study of The Three 3 Principles, receiving her coaching certification through Clarity Academy with Jamie Smart.  She learned from Jack Pransky, did coaching mastery with Michael Neil, and took various related workshops. She continues to volunteer with Heartfelt Presence, a 24/7 support zoom room, which was founded in 2020 in response to Covid and other societal issued that have caused unrest in people.




(Clarity Coach (3 Principles)

5 Path hypnosis

Master in N.L.P.

Eye mouvement Integration Therapy


Matrix Reimprinting

PSYCH K (advanced practioner)

Past life Regression

Life between Life Regression

Energy Therapy (Reiki Master, IET level 3, CCMBA)

Teacher of self-hypnosis 7 Path, classic self-hypnosis and for painless childbirth,

BSc (Health), did a master in Social Work

did a bunch of training for pain management, Virtual Gastric Band, stress management, etc, etc, etc.

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