Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

Is it negatively impacting your relationships, your work, your life in general?  

Do you want more from your life?

Maybe your peace of mind is often hijacked by fears, insecurity, and lots of anxious thinking.  You’ve probably tried everything to fix this – maybe you’ve even thought the problem was you.

I have worked intensively with many clients over the years, mostly addressing emotional problems and traumas.  I bring years of training and experience to help you help yourself.  

Despite what you might think, you are not your circumstances, what happened to you in your past, or what you’ve been told you are.

We, humans, have the capacity to create a reality out of our own thinking – and we think it’s true. But, in fact, it holds us back from happiness and living the life we want.


In the words of spiritual teacher Jack Pransky:

“All we are is peace, love and wisdom – and the power to create the illusion that we are not” 


I help my clients to see beyond their self-limiting beliefs and to connect with the infinite potential that lies within each of us.


Imagine your life:

  • With less on your mind
  • Free of painful memories of the past
  • Happier and more peaceful
  • More connected to your own wisdom
  • Realizing your full potential.

Isn’t time to live life with ease and peace? To be all you can be?

You deserve to be happy, and I can help!


You might be wondering what coaching looks like.

It’s a reflective dialogue between you and me, in which I support you in exploring what’s possible for you. We identify any barriers you might have, and I challenge and help you to take action in your life.


Interested in learning more?

Sign up here for a free consultation in which we’ll find out whether coaching is a good fit for you at this time.

individual coaching

We all have innate well being and mental health.  I help you gain a deeper understanding of how we experience life, a bit like human being 101.  When we understand where our experience come from, how we experience life, we gain clarity, resilience, and wisdom.  You can reach our full potential.  It is transformational because our conversation guides you towards your own wisdom. Your insights bring a deeper understanding that lead to a big shift I how you see  and live your life. You already have all the resources and wisdom inside of you, waiting to emerge.


If you want peace of mind, calm, energy, better relationships

And  have an open mind

Coaching is for you.


You want to:

  • Listen to your own wisdom without the noise of everyday life, kids, phone
  • Reconnect to your inner wisdom,
  • Get a new perspective, inspiration
  • Time to reflect
  • Quality time with your self, a place to be you in stillness
  • Live in the present moment
  • You want a deeper experience than just another sight seeing trip
  • Give yourself the  time and gift to reconnect to the real you
  • You deserve it!

Move Forward Program

Move closer to your goal you have been wanting to achieve.

I offer a 4-week accountability program that consists of four zoom coaching call.  The first call might be a longer call where I get to know you, help you in getting clearer on your vision. The reminder three calls are up to 60 min in length. It comprises also of daily Voxer or WhatsApp calls or daily emails (what you prefer).

workshops or speaking engagement

I’m available to work with your group either in person or on-line.  The talks or workshops are customized to your needs.

Just inquire for availability.




A 3 days immersion format (3 sessions per day).

Can be done on-line, in person in the Gatineau-Ottawa area or a location of your choice.

For individuals or small group (10 persons) who want to experience peace of mind, well being

Move Forward with your goal (the group program)

It is a small group 4-week program consisting of one private call with me to help you get clearer on your vision. One weekly group zoom call and a private FB page where everybody can check in and share their insights, win, progress and challenges. There is also  a daily email

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