anti-stress – the toolbox

As the name implies, this course is to allow you to regain power over your life and get a quick relief from anxiety and panic attack. Using small videos, each explaining a particular technique. So you will have different ways to calm down.
You do the course at your own pace. I suggest you practice them, although they are easy, so that you are famillier with these techniques when you need them.

55$ + taxes



J’ai travaillé intensément avec des clients avec une variété de problèmes au fil des ans, principalement des problèmes émotionnels et des traumatismes. J’apporte l’expérience et des années de formation pour vous aider à vous aider. Vous n’êtes pas votre situation, ce qui vous est arrivé, votre passé ou ce que l’on vous a dit.


Find peace and quiet

50$ + taxes

An Lightened Mind

You want to have a clearer mind but fear and anxiety are holding you back?

You are tired of feeling tired and you to feel more joy and ease in your life?

Do you want to feel the freedom to be you without fear?

I can help you.

Join me for the Lightened Mind Program.  This is a 6-week program is designed to help you more easily:

  • Eliminated stress,
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and contaminated thinking,
  • Increase your self=esteem,
  • Experience the joy of being who you truly are, and
  • Have more peace and calm in your life.

This online program includes:

  • 3 weekly videos on that week’s theme
  • 6 weekly, 60-90 minutes group sessions.
  • all classes are recorded so you can listen to them even if you can’t make it live. 
  • There is a private FB page for support
  • An e-booklet of useful anti-stress tools

coming soon


find peace and a quiet mind


295$ + taxes

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