Imagine giving birth to your child without pain or with only little pain. Imagine that you feel serene, confident and quiet during the whole process. It is possible!

Hypnosis is an effective method to help women giving birth by eliminating fears, tensions and pain. In fact, hypnosis is used since a long time to allow easier childbirth.

Our program of hypnosis for birth teaches the woman to relax and to create a mental state of serenity which allows her to be in harmony with her body allowing her to give birth easily and efficiently. We teach auto-hypnosis and how to create a natural anesthesia.

The woman remains conscious and in control of her body at all times.

The advantages of this method are numerous.

  • Less intervention and complications
  • The delivery is generally shorter.
  • As the baby is not exposed to medicine, he sleeps better and feeding is easier.
  • Allows the mother to live a comfortable and natural childbirth.
  • Allows the parents to live a nicer experience of the birth.
  • Recovery after childbirth is faster.

The program includes 4 sessions of 90-120 min.

Although I have been a ‘doula’, a feeding godmother and ex-dietetician, this program is not a course on preparation for childbirth as such and consistently does not offer information about the nutrition, the care of the newborn child, or the development of the child. We teach a fast way of reaching a level of pleasant hypnosis and to master the techniques of deep analgesia.